Today is the first ‘Dog Friendly Ireland Day'

Today is the first ‘Dog Friendly Ireland Day'

Dogs Trust encourages anyone taking part today to share some photos of themselves with their dog across social media by using the hashtag #DogFriendlyIrelandDay

Today, Dogs Trust are holding the first ever national ‘Dog Friendly Ireland Day’ as part of their ‘Dog Friendly Ireland’ campaign. 

They are asking establishments of all types across the country, from restaurants, hotels, workplaces to public transport, to allow dogs and their owners access their premises for this one day in a bid to help make Ireland more Dog Friendly.

Dogs Trust believes that certain restrictions in workplaces, food-serving establishments, hotels, social venues, public transport and the rental market do little to encourage potential dog owners in welcoming a furry friend in to their lives.

If Ireland was to become more dog friendly, dog ownership could become a realistic option for so many more, and would bring us one step closer to our goal of being the best country in the world for dogs and their owners.

In a fun and unique way to spread the message of #DogFriendlyIrelandDay, Dogs Trust have mocked up a large café and public transport backdrop at Sandymount Strand in Dublin. 

This is a great opportunity for dog walkers and their pooches to get their photo taken or take ‘selfies’ as they walk past and then post to social media! 

Author and TV presenter, Andrea Hayes, and her dog Dash and comedian and pantomime star June Rodgers, along with her dog Poppy were delighted to join Dogs Trust this morning to take part in the day to help tell the world about ‘Dog Friendly Ireland Day’. 

Sarah Lynch, campaigns manager at Dogs Trust, said: “We are overwhelmed with the amazing response we received from both members of the public and establishments signing up to take part in the day. 

“This support really demonstrates the number of people wishing to make Ireland more dog friendly.

“A huge part of becoming a well socialised dog is experiencing a wide variety of social situations. So what better way to contribute to a country full of well rounded, socialised dogs than allowing them frequent access to more venues and pleasant social experiences?”

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