Meeting in Mullingar on the Sudanese uprising

Meeting in Mullingar on the Sudanese uprising

The Sudanese community in Mullingar are inviting everyone along to a meeting in Market House on Saturday to give information on the Sudanese uprising.

A doctor at the Midland Regional Hospital, Dr Reem Saied spoke of the atrocities happening in her home country, telling of how 55 innocent people have been killed during peaceful protests which began on December 18th last.

The aim of the meeting, which will take place between midday and 3pm, is to bring awareness amongst the Irish community, and the wider international one, to the atrocities that are being committed. 

"People are marching, clapping, calling for the regime to step down, they want them to hand over power peacefully and for the law to take its course," says Dr Saied, who has lived in Mullingar for 12 years.

"Peaceful protesting is part of our constitution, so nobody is breaking the law by doing this. But what is happening is that the government has faced this in a very very aggressive way," she explains.

"The latest trend is to drive their cars into groups of people head on," she says.

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