John Creedon's on the road again ahead of his new summer series

John Creedon's on the road again ahead of his new summer series

What’s in a placename?

Have you ever wondered what the story behind an Irish placename is? How places like Termonfeckin, Hackballs Cross, or Tobbercurry got their names? Broadcaster John Creedon has.

While filming for television series over the years, John has travelled Ireland’s highways, byways, country roads and boreens and he’s come across some strange, funny, quirky and wonderful Irish place names.

It’s led him to wonder about their origins and the meaning behind those names. So, with in mind he’s about to begin his next journey and as always he’d love your help!

Is there a place near you that you’ve always wondered about – would you like to know the origins of its placename? What is your home place called? Maybe you live somewhere that has an interesting story to tell?

As he travels the country this summer, he’ll uncover the meanings behind some of the nation’s most unusual, or well known placenames. Along the way he’ll meet the experts, locals and storytellers who can help him uncover the meaning behind the name and the story attached to it.
John and his research team would love to hear from you. Let us know where you think he should visit.

You can contact the show by emailing John and his team at

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