Brendan Smith hopes UK voters will see through Nigel Farage

Brendan Smith hopes UK voters will see through Nigel Farage

Mr Brendan Smith TD said it was beyond belief that Nigel Farage was contesting the EU Parliament elections and hopes the people of Britain will see through him and deny him a seat.

Speaking in Dundalk, he said that, over the last 12 months, thousands of families and businesses on both sides of the Border have watched the unfolding drama of Brexit talks in fear of their future.

“Amidst all this uncertainty, Nigel Farage announces he is contesting the EU Parliament elections.

“It is beyond belief that Nigel Farage, who used UKIP to get Britain out of Europe, has decided to seek re-election to the European Parliament.

“I think Nigel Farage has a cheek to run in the European Parliament elections.

“This man and his colleagues have brought disruption, despair and uncertainty for thousands of people throughout the island of Ireland,” he said.

The Fianna Fáil Midlands-North-West EU Parliament constituency candidate in the European election said that this was the 21st anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement – an agreement that brought two communities in Ireland closer and forged strong relationships between Ireland and Britain, Ireland and Europe and the United States.

“I have lived all my life in a border county and have been privileged to represent a large border constituency in Dáil Éireann. 

“I have experienced the benefit of the co-operation between the border counties as well as the EU supports and investments across all sections of the Border communities.

“This year, however, I have witnessed the fear of the impact of Brexit on communities and businesses on both sides of the border. 

“Hopefully the voters in Britain will see through Mr Farage and deny him a seat after the damage he and his group have caused and his attitude to Europe. 

“We need an EU Parliament that can meet the many challenges of Europe and deliver for its citizens, not those who have little regard for the people of Europe.”

Deputy Brendan Smith, second left, at the launch of Cllr Ken Glynn’s local election campaign in Mullingar, with Deputy Robert Troy (right) Cllr Glynn and Deputy Michael McGrath.


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