Herstory: Uisneach Sunset Tour to celebrate Brigid's Day

Herstory: Uisneach Sunset Tour to celebrate Brigid's Day

The Herstory Light Festival, which takes place on the weekend of Brigid’s Day, Friday January 31 to Monday February 3, will be marked with a fantastic array of events throughout the length and breadth of the country.

Uisneach will host its very own Sunset Tour celebrating Brigid’s Day, Imbolc, and Herstory on Saturday February 1 at the Hill of Uisneach.

The tour will start at 3.30pm promptly, and the guides (Ruth and Helen) will relay the stories of Brigid, Goddess and Saint, culminating with Sunset at Aill na Mireann.

Participants will return to The Uisneach Visitor Centre by flaming torch-light, where they will be treated to music, refreshments, and a tutorial in Brigid's Cross making from rushes gathered earlier in the day from nearby Brigid's Well at the foot of Uisneach.

Beautiful illuminated images of Brigid will be displayed in the courtyard. This event is in collaboration with Herstory and the campaign to honour Brigid with a National Holiday.

Tickets €16.81 organised by Uisneach.


Herstory, is a movement which seeks to tell the stories of modern, mythic and historic women, and the 2020 Herstory Light Festival will shine a light, both literally and metaphorically on all of the forgotten women.

Founded in 2016 by Melanie Lynch, Herstory’s mission is to give the public authentic female role models and a game-changing education programme, inspiring countries around the world to start their own Herstory movements.

"Herstory 20/20 is about seeing the complete picture, in order to rewrite the future," comments Melanie.

"The reality is women's successes and struggles have been lost in the shadows for too long, resulting in global inequality and a regression of women's rights. That's why we are harnessing the alchemical power of light: to highlight authentic women’s stories, spotlight inequality, and create new visions for a World of Equals.’’

The Herstory Light Festival launched in January 2017 and quickly gathered viral momentum around the island of Ireland; with castles, museums, theatres, libraries, offices and homes illuminating in celebration of women and girls.

In its second year, the festival went international with participation in the USA, UK, Spain, Sweden, France, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Poland.

In September 2019 school children across the island of Ireland were given the opportunity to create portrait art of their heroines, and it is these portraits which will be illuminated on buildings across Ireland during the Herstory 20/20 Light Festival on the weekend of Brigid’s Day 2020, as part of Herstory’s campaign to make Brigid’s Day a national holiday.

Herstory's campaign to establish Brigid’s Day as a national holiday.

The Herstory 20/20 programme also includes Blazing a Trail: Lives and Legacies of Irish Diaspora Women, an exhibition celebrating the lives and legacies of 21 pioneering Irish diaspora women of the 19th and 20th centuries who blazed a trail in a wide range of fields, hosted by EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum in The CHQ Building, Dublin until March, 9.30am-6.30pm.

The RTÉ Herstory:Ireland’s EPIC Women6 part documentary series will commence on RTÉ 1 on February 3 and will run for six weeks.

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