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Beautify Your Front Garden

Monday, 3rd December, 2012 4:55pm

Though you spend most of your time at home inside it, this is no reason to neglect the exterior. It is wonderful to approach your front door feeling proud of your dwelling. You ought to have no reason to apologise for anything when bringing guests back for the first time.

It is also desirable to have something unique about the front of your home, distinguishing it from your neighbour's house and making it truly yours. There are different things you can do to make this happen, depending on what sort of home it is that you live in.


First of all the most important thing is to keep your windows clean. Grubby windows show that you do not take pride in where you live and also take a lot of light out of a room. If you have an older house wooden windows are a much more attractive feature than are plastic ones. You can get replica wooden sash windows made in a traditional style but utilising new design techniques to make them keep the heat in better.


If you are lucky enough to have a garden at the front, making your house look pretty and attractive will be a piece of cake! Flowers, shrubs and bushes do wonders for the curb appeal of your home. Roses can make it look quaint and traditional. Topiary can be used to create something really personal and a little more off beam. Also the shapes can be changed every now and again.


What is on the ground will also make a big difference to the statement that is made as soon as your house is approached. Cracked concrete will look shabby and give off the impression that you do not care. If you're paving is not in good condition type into the internet driveway paving contractors Dublin and get someone local to come round and sort it out for you.


If your house is not directly on the street you might want to consider some sort of contraption to deter the general public from trespassing on your land. This could be a small American style picket fence or a hedge. Additionally you might want a gate. A rickety wooden one will give your home a country style charm. A metal one will be more easily lockable and off putting to any potential intruders.


There is one stranger you do not want to prevent accessing your front door however. This is the post man or woman. They will have to be able to get through the date in order to reach your front door unless you install a mail box in front of, next to, or on the gate. If you have spent a long time planting flowers in your front garden and do not want them trampled on make sure you have a clearly marked path that it will be obvious to those not in the know where it is alright to step.

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