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Top Twitter Topics - January 6th

Monday, 6th January, 2014 10:40am
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Top Twitter Topics - January 6th

Top Twitter Trends!

Top Twitter Topics - January 6th

Top Twitter Trends!

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Been too busy this weekend to see what’s been happening in Twitter world? Want a quick recap on some of the main trends? Well fear not, we have you covered on the first Monday of 2014.


So this year’s Celebrity Big Brother kicked off over the weekend on Channel 5 with the latest batch of housemates entering the house on Friday night. Liz Nolan from The Nolan Sisters, Sam Fairs of The Only Way is Essex, Luisa Zissman who came second on The Apprentice and Lee Ryan from 90’s boy band Blue, are some of the celebrities in the house this year. In total, there are 12 housemates. The first two housemates up for eviction this week are former N-Dubz singer, Dappy and journalist Liz Jones. Have you been watching this year’s CBB so far? Or do you think it has run its course? Let us know!

Top Gun

All you Netflix fans might be aware that the site removed a number of shows and films on January 1st due to expiring licenses. Top Gun just happened to be one of these films.  This did not sit well with Netflix and Top Gun enthusiasts who took to Twitter to vent their anger and disgust at the decision which caused the 1986 classic to Trend across Ireland. “Titanic”, “Braveheart” and “Being John Malkovich” are also some of the titles that have also been removed by the site. However, it seems that Top Gun has sparked the most controversy. Are you a regular Netflix user? Were you upset with the decision to remove some of these titles?

#MoyesIn, Fabio, Swansea

Manchester United were looking to avoid a back-to-back home defeat following their New Years Day loss to Tottenham Hot Spurs. However this was not to be as they faced an embarrassing 2-1 defeat at home to Swansea on Sunday in the FA Cup third round. The odds seemed to be in Swansea’s favour after Rio Ferdinand limped off in the 75th minute, who was replaced by Fabio de Silva. Fabio then saw red and was sent off after fouling Jose Canas in the 80th minute. With Man United down to just 10 men, Swansea took the lead in the 90th minute after a Wilfried Bony header which sealed the win for them in the late stages of the match. Fans took to Twitter to express their support of manager David Moyes by tweeting #MoyesIn and their disgust at the referee for the harsh sending off of Fabio de Silva.  


We have a feeling here in the office that this could be the last Christmas related trend for some time. Christmas is officially over. The majority of the country is back to work today, the Christmas films have stopped showing, the presents are all opened and the last few chocolates in the Roses tin have been eaten. Today is also the official day for taking down the Christmas decorations… Major sad face! So how are you feeling about Christmas being over? Happy? Sad? Relieved? 

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