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What's Trending? - February 17th

Monday, 17th February, 2014 1:19pm
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What's Trending? - February 17th

Top Trends this week across Social Media

What's Trending? - February 17th

Top Trends this week across Social Media

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Were you too loved up this weekend with your Valentine to see all the social media stories? Well don’t worry lovebirds as we have a quick roundup of what’s been happening across the Social Media sites for you below!

#BAFTAs, Helen Mirren

The 2014 British, Film and Television Awards took place last night (Sunday) in Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London and have been dubbed ‘The Baffling BAFTAs’ after some surprising wins and snubs. Not so surprising was the face that 12 Years a Slave walked away with the award for Best Film and Chiwetel Ejiofor (who plays Soloman Northup in the drama) scooped the Best Actor prize.  However, that was it for Steve McQueen and 12 Years a Slave as Gravity, which has been largely snubbed this awards season, scooped six awards in total. Alfonso Cuaron, who directed the sci-fi blockbuster, took the coveted Best Director Prize. Controversially, Gravity came out on top in the Outstanding British Film category, with a lot of people questioning its place within the nominations. Gravity, which had an effects team of 450, won BAFTAs for best special effects, best sound and best original music. Helen Mirren was also recognised for her dedication to the film industry by winning the Fellowship BAFTA, which she received from Prince William.  Unfortunately the awards ceremony wasn’t recorded for television purposes, so you’ll have to rely on the internet for all the news on last night’s awards.

#quirke, RTE

RTE's new autumn line up continued on Sunday night with Quirke airing on RTE1 on 9.30pm. The series which is an adaptation of Benjamin Black's novel, Quirke, follows Gabriel Byrne as a hard-drinking, womanising pathologist and detective investigating the dark side of 1950's Dublin. In total there are three feature length episodes and last night's episode focused on the death of Catherine Falls who on paper is said to have dies of a pulmonary embolisim, but in fact died during childbirth which leaves the question - where is the baby? Did you catch Quirke last night? Let us know your thoughts! 

Neil Francis

The former Irish rugby international Neil Francis, opened himself up to huge criticism over the weekend with comments he made on Newstalk’s ‘Off the Ball’ Show on Sunday.  The comments were made in relation to The Winter Olympics, which are currently being held in Sochi, Russia and have faced huge controversy due to the countries stance on homosexuality. Speaking live on air to presenter Joe Molloy, Neil Francis stated that gay people have ‘very little interest in sport’. He also stated that Sport is too “manly” for homosexuals to be interested in it. His comments sparked outrage across the social media world with people stating their disbelief at the comments the Rugby International had made. Francis has yet to make a statement on his interview on the radio station. What are your thoughts on his comments?


Liverpool were, yesterday, looking to repeat their recent 5-1 hammering of Arsenal as they met in The Emirates Stadium. However, this was not to be as Arsenal walked away still 2nd of the table after defeating the reds 2-1 in a game that saw a controversial decision made against controversial player – Luis Suarez. Losing 2-0 in the second half, Captain Steven Gerrard put Liverpool on the scoreboard from the penalty position after a foul on Suarez. However, Suarez was fouled again only a short time later and was denied a strong penalty opportunity, much to the disbelief of the players and fans. So after yesterday’s game Arsenal are still 2nd in the FA Cup Table, with Liverpool sitting in 4th place behind Man City and Chelsea are top of the table. What were your thoughts on yesterday’s game? Was it a penalty?? Let us know!

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