Traffic lights at Dominick Street junction go live today

Following issues with the software, the new smart traffic lights system is to become live in three phases over the next ten working days.

That's according to Pat Keating, district manager, who was speaking at a meeting of the Municipal District of Mullingar and Kinnegad in Council Chambers yesterday, Monday.

All the infrastructure associated with the lights system is now in place, and testing of the Pearse Street and Castle Street junction is scheduled to commence today, Tuesday.

That junction will then link in with the lights at the top of Mount Street, and the pedestrian crossing at the Annebrook Hotel.

"All three of those lights will now be, to use the contractor's term, 'talking to each other'" Mr Keating commented on Monday. "We will monitor that performance over the coming days."

Mr Keating explained the second phase involves the commissioning of smart traffic lights system at the pedestrian lights on Dominick Square.

The third and final phase will see the full system, from the Green Bridge to the Dublin Bridge, and the outer lights at Millmount and Nugents Corner, etc, fully linked up.

"At every stage we will continue to monitor the lights at every junction, and adjusted on a daily basis again to ensure pedestrian safety and traffic flow is maximised," continued Mr Keating.

"That will continue after all of the smart technology will become operational."

Mr Keating said that software issues had now been resolved and he expected the commissioning to be "fairly seamless".

"Ten working days from now everything is in place," he assured.

Director of services, Martin Murray, said testing had been ongoing throughout Christmas, in terms of calculable movements and validation surveys, and all the information has been uploaded to the system.

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