Is there a yarn behind your old clothes?

RTÉ wants to hear about your ‘clothes with soul’

RTÉ Docland wants to hear about your ‘clothes with soul’ for a forthcoming documentary.

“Do you have a special piece of clothing with a story behind it, something handed down by a family member/friend that’s dear to your heart - the dress your mother wore when she met your father? Your grandfather’s old army jacket? Your auntie’s old debs dress?” the programme-maker, Shauna McGreevy, is asking.

“We want to feature people who have a treasured item of clothing they would like to see re-purposed to make part of their wardrobe,” says Shauna McGreevy of RTÉ.

“It could be the dress your mother wore the night she met your father, your auntie’s old debs dress, your grandfather’s old army jacket - something they have inherited from a family member, friend, someone special to them.

“In ‘Clothes with Soul’ we will tell the story behind your treasured item while our resident tailor gives it a new lease of life,” says Shauna.

If you have such an item, and would like to give it a new lease of life so it no longer lives on a hanger, get in touch with Shauna on

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