Flynn is 'One Of Us'

From Mullingar to performing at Tomorrowland, the last year has seen Flynn go from struggling artist to pop star on the rise.

His tracks ‘Red Light’, ‘Peace of Mind’, and ‘My Gold’ have each garnered between 1.4 and 2.2 million plays on Spotify to date. And last year, a collaboration with the Belgian house act Lost Frequencies for the hit single ‘Recognise’ led to him performing at the legendary festivals Tomorrowland and Parookaville.

It accumulated 36 million plays on Spotify and 2.5 million views on YouTube.

With its soaring vocals, the self-penned song is a celebration of home, family, friends, and belonging – without exception, all things Flynn has learned to cherish in the last few years.

The alt-pop artist, who has a talent for wrapping into words and music what many of us think and feel, describes the progress says: “I moved away from home to find myself – but in doing so, I kind of lost myself for a while.

“Eventually, I realised the value of being around friends and family, and that being back at home was what I needed to re-set my peace of mind and get me back on track.

“I knew I was born to try and make the best of myself – the best I could be – but coming home and realising friends and family are here no matter what, took away my insecurities.

“I just wrote about my feelings and that seems to have worked. Now I look forward to travelling, but I’m not running away from home or myself….

“I feel good about following my dreams and lucky to have my friends and family supporting me from home.”

Flynn isn’t afraid to show his vulnerable side, and years of following his dream, even at the roughest of times, have made him strong enough to feel comfortable sharing even his utmost personal thoughts and insecurities.

‘One of Us’ is the next chapter in this young artist’s career. It stems from a major development, and yet it features everything fans and critics have always loved about Flynn’s music: It’s catchy, candid, and compelling.

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