Whelehans Pharmacy:Want to lose weight?

Tuesday, 14th November, 2017 11:36am

Whelehans Pharmacy:Want to lose weight?

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Want to lose weight? Get your food intake right, exercise is a bonus.

With Caroline Masters, Nutritionist, Whelehans Pharmacy, Pearse Street

(Qualified nutritionist – weight loss and sports nutrition)

If you have made a decision to get healthier, you have probably signed up for some type of exercise such as a Zumba or a spinning class or started running. It is important that we see healthy changes as sustainable ones and not a new fad for a number of weeks. If you have taken up a regime that burns a lot of calories i.e 400 to 500 calories, you must ensure your nutrition is adequate to feed your body for this exercise. When you exercise your body is stressed to the maximum with increased heart rate and rapid changes in your blood and body. It is important to be kind to yourself with a varied diet which fuels your body for the activity and also that you refuel your body within the hour post exercise.

If you find that you have been putting on weight recently it is important to look at your eating habits. A varied diet ensuring a good intake of carbohydrate, protein and good fats and regular meals is vital for good health. Look at your portion size at dinner time and your snacking habits. A healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner is needed for energy and a couple of healthy snacks are recommended but a diet high in sugar and fat and constant snacking cannot be part of your everyday routine. Cut back on unhealthy snacks and late night eating to reduce your calorie intake. If you stop putting on weight and you maintain your present weight you know that you are eating the right amount of food your body requires. If you want to lose weight, this amount of food will have to be reduced further on a daily basis. A good routine and consistent intake of food and exercise each day will help you to succeed in losing weight.

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start and the days and weeks slip by as we wait to get healthy! The time to be healthier is now and each day you should try to make healthier food choices and move whenever you get the chance i.e take the stairs instead of a lift or perhaps go for a walk at lunchtime. When a person starts to exercise regularly they often eat more food so although muscle and bones are benefitting there is often no weight loss.

A body analysis costing €10 will give you your numbers – your weight, BMI, body fat percentage, body muscle percentage, a measurement of fat around your vital organs (visceral fat) and the amount of calories your body needs for weight maintenance and then we can work out what you need to do for weight loss. Call 086 3994615 for your analysis.

You will not make changes without making an effort and education and support will help you reach your goals. If you want to make a start on getting healthier call or text me, Caroline Masters, on 086 3994615 or email me at nutrition@whelehans.ie for a consultation.


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