Whelehans Pharmacy: The influence of our diet on circulation Part 4

Tuesday, 29th January, 2019 9:29am

Whelehans Pharmacy: The influence of our diet on circulation Part 4


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The influence of our diet on circulation Part 4

Last week I discussed atherosclerosis which occurs when arteries become clogged up by fatty substances, such as cholesterol. This week, I give a few more diet tips to prevent it.

Healthier sources of protein
Protein is important as it is responsible for building and repair of the body’s tissues amongst many other essential functions. Commonly eaten high-fat protein foods (meat, dairy products) are among the main culprits in increasing heart disease risk because of their elevated levels of fat. Try to balance the amount of animal, fish, and vegetable sources of protein. Vegetable sources of protein include beans, nuts and whole grains; they are healthy choices because they provide fibre, vitamins and minerals as well as protein. The best animal protein choices are fish and poultry. When eating red meat, stick with the leanest cuts, choose moderate portion sizes, and make it only an occasional part of your diet.

Limit cholesterol consumption.
Limiting dietary cholesterol is recommended to prevent atherosclerosis. You can reduce cholesterol by getting energy from complex carbohydrates such as brown pasta, sweet potatoes and wholegrain breads and by limiting simple carbohydrates such as sugary drinks like coke, sugar and sweets. An egg a day is healthy for adults. When it comes to lowering blood cholesterol levels, limiting saturated fats is more important than limiting dietary cholesterol intake. The recommendation is not to exceed 300 milligrams of dietary cholesterol each day. I have more in-depth information on atherosclerosis on our website, www.whelehans.ie, or you can ask a member of staff for a free copy.

Other foods that can improve Circulation
Fruits and vegetables of any kind are good for your health, particularly oranges, which contain elevated levels of bioflavonoids to promote blood flow while also strengthening capillaries. Watermelon is a natural source of lycopene, which has been known to help prevent plaque build-up, a common cause of poor blood flow. Nuts are rich in vitamin B3, which helps boost the blood flow. Garlic also helps promote circulation. Omega 3s found in fish improve circulation, especially oily fish such a salmon, fresh tuna, mackerel, herring, sardines and pilchards. We should eat two portions of fish per week, one of them oily


What is BPro Cardio Screen Service?

Whelehans now has a cardiovascular health check called BPro Cardio Screen. This test measures the stiffness of your arteries to help identify risk of blockages and your risk of cardiovascular disease and circulation problems. BPRo is placed like a watch on your wrist and is completely pain free. A pulse wave reads and calculates a wave signal that indicates the elasticity of large, small, and peripheral artery walls as well as tests for stress, central blood pressure, heart rate, and more. It is now €35 (was €50); it only takes about 15 minutes to get checked. If you missed last week’s clinic, the next clinic is Thursday March 28th from 9am to 6pm at Whelehans Pearse St. You can book in advance by calling Whelehans at 04493 34591.

Disclaimer: Please ensure you consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes recommended. Bpro Cardio screen is not meant as a substitute for medical assessment with your doctor

For comprehensive and free health advice and information call in to Whelehans Pharmacies, log on to www.whelehans.ie or dial 04493 34591 (Pearse St) or 04493 10266 (Clonmore).


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