Evil teacher taught at Mullingar CBS school

The paedophile teacher, Donal Dunne, convicted in the 1990s of sexually abusing boys at six midland schools, carried out similar evil deeds while teaching in Mullingar almost fifty years ago.Referred to by the pseudonym 'John Brander' in the report, Dunne, now deceased, was a Christian Brother who abused children both while a member of the order, and later, when he taught as a lay teacher.Dunne came to Mullingar CBS in July 1947, as a 28 year old Christian Brother, and he taught in town for six years. The report reveals that he was the subject of a Canonical Warning in the 1950s for his actions while teaching in Mullingar, although these are not specified in the report.In 1957, Dunne asked to be relieved of his vows.The Christian Brothers have been criticised by the Commission for not having him brought to justice.The conclusion of the report was that: 'permitting Mr (Dunne) to be eased out of the Congregation, the Christian Brothers did nothing to prevent him continuing in a career of teaching, despite his repeated sexual interference with children and knowledge as to the danger he represented to them'.The Provincial at the time of his dispensation from the Order said that "we could not allow him in future to have any contact with boys as it would be dangerous for himself and for the boys".'The report notes however, that 'within days' of leaving the Congregation Mr (Dunne) was able to take up a position as principal of a national school.'Within days of leaving the Congregation, Mr (Dunne) took up a position as Principal of a National School, which would have necessitated some form of application process to the School Manager, who was most likely the parish priest of the area,' reads the report.'It is scarcely credible that an accurate reference could have been furnished, so the possibilities are that a favourable reference was given which satisfied the employer or that the latter did not seek a reference. In either case, there is ground for suspicion,' the report states.Mr Dunne retired from teaching in the mid-1980s. He was subsequentlyContinued on page 4