Jacko"s a sellout!

Dead pop sensation Michael Jackson has given local music stores one of their best trading months in years.Since the US singer died on Thursday June 25, demand for his music has gone through the roof, with local music stores reporting that it has been simply impossible to keep Jackson music on the shelves as the material is selling so quickly.'Every other person coming through the door is looking for Michael Jackson, it"s like Christmas,' said Sarah Kerns of e2 Music on Castle Street, 'The record company simply can"t keep up with demand,' she said.Manager of the neighbouring Heartbeat City, Gary Baker said it had been six weeks before the passing of Michael Jackson since Heartbeat City had last sold any of his music, but now they can"t keep it on the shelves:'We had a delivery last week and it didn"t even hit the shelves before it was out the door,' commented Gary, who said Michael Jackson music and merchandise is the Top 10 seller on all websites.'Demand is simply outstripping supply,' he said.While Jackson sold over 750 million albums worldwide while he was alive, his death has now sparked new interest in his albums and videos.Particularly popular with local customers are albums like Thriller and History, his greatest hits - Essential Michael Jackson and his compilation album titled Number Ones.