Catherine Kenna (left) and Laura Timoney from the Westmeath Examiner, who gave Niall Horan's mother, Maura Gallagher, a copy of our One Direction supplement before she went to see the new movie, One Direction This Is Us, in Mullingar today (Thursday).

Niall's mum goes to the movies

Niall Horan’s mum, Maura Gallagher, was in Mullingar today to see One Direction This Is Us.

The Westmeath Examiner had a quick chat with her:

“I thought I’d drop in and see it myself tonight for the second time, because you don‘t see or hear everything the first time,” said Maura.

“It’ll be nice to see it here at home, his own home town.”

The Examiner asked: “Is it true Niall is going to pay a visit to Mullingar to see this? There’s rumours around town that he’s going to be in Mullingar to see the film.”

Maura laughs: “Well there may be rumours but his mother doesn’t know! Last minute, you know! You find out at the last minute that’s he’s home.”

In the second photo (below), Maura met Mia Shields, Chloe Rattray, Louise Richardson and Erin Taylor, who travelled to Mullingar from Birmingham, England to see the One Direction movie. They were delighted when they bumped into Niall Horan’s mother, Maura Gallagher at the cinema on Thursday.

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