Damage is evident to a wing of the Cessna, which crash landed in Colehill, not far from Abbeyshrule airfield.

Skydivers in crash after plane departs Abbeyshrule

by Eilís Ryan


Air accident investigators are expected to attend at the scene of a light aircraft crash that happened close to Abbeyshrule airfield eariler today.

No-one was injured in the crash, which involved what is believed to be a single-engined Cessna 206 with a number of skydivers on board.

The accident happened at around 1.30 pm, just minutes after the plane had taken off from the airfield in Abbeyshrule.

The plane - believed to be a UK-registered craft - is understood to have suffered engine trouble, but the pilot managed to glide it a safe landing in a field at Colehill, about 3km from Abbeyshrule.  The plane suffered some damage in the landing process.

It is understood a number of people were to make charity jumps today in Abbeyshrule, and that there was a film crew present to film their experience.