The Independent Alliance: Shane Ross, Brian Fagan, James Morgan, Michael Fitzmaurice, and Kevin 'Boxer' Moran

Brian Fagan joins The Independent Alliance

Brian Fagan has joined The Independent Alliance.

Leading Independent TD Shane Ross was in the Greville Arms today, as was Michael Fitzmaurice, to herald the announcement.

Kevin "Boxer" Moran for Athlone and James Morgan, Longford, joined in solidarity stating that as independents they were intent on working together to achieve change.

"There's an independent seat in Longford Westmeath and in order to get it we're going to have to work together," Brian Fagan told the Westmeath Examiner.

"You cannot be on the outside looking in. You have to be on the inside to achieve change.

Taking the seat

"We are delighted to have Brian Fagan on board," said Shane Ross, TD.

“We’ve got three very strong candidates...And we’re expecting them to cooperate fully in delivering this seat for Longford Westmeath for the Independent Alliance."

"This makes our total 21. We expect more. The government is on the back foot at the moment about various issues, particularly fiscal space, we believe the opportunities for indendpents now are better than they ever were.”


With regard to Mullingar, Brian Fagan said jobs were of the utmost importance, as are tax breaks for SMEs in order to achieve this.

Universal health care for all, the lack of social housing, and the cost of childcare are other key issues Fagan wants to focus on.