Image: Met Éireann

Weather update: Crisp and cold

Cold conditions are set to continue for the rest of the week across the midlands.

Temperatures have fallen to 4 degrees below average for this time of year according to weather enthusiast Cathal Nolan.

"We can expect to see average highs of between 3 - 6 degrees Celsius during the day, followed by night time frosts."

In fact, the temperature will plummet to between -2 and -3 in some locations.

Combine that with wintry precipitation and this makes for icy stretches of road in places and dangerous driving conditions.

"It's a standard Irish cold snap," continues Nolan. 

According to Met Éireann tonight will start out cold and clear but cloud and patchy rain will gradually extend eastward, falling as sleet and snow before dawn in some places.

Thursday should be another bright day bringing more welcome sunshine.