Allergies driving you nuts?

Time for tissues!

IF the current weather is setting your hayfever nuts, you're not alone with your allergy: 28% of adults in Ireland suffer from at least one allergy, research published today has shown.

iReach Insights conducted a nationally representative survey where 1,000 adults were asked about allergies and their effects.

Over a quarter of adults in Ireland suffer from at least one allergy and 70% take medication for their allergy.

The top 5 allergies include Pollen (56%), House Dust (29%), Food (26%), Drugs (16%), and Animals (16%).

When it comes to food allergies, 57% of adults agree that most restaurants are prepared for people with food allergies.

Most adults in Ireland (77%) have never taken an allergy test, but 53% report that they would be interested in one.

19% report that their allergies have become better over time, but 23% report that their allergies have gotten worse.

37% of adults in Ireland feel they experience restrictions on their daily life due to their allergies. These restrictions include: Having to take drugs (66%), Constantly feeling sick or unwell (43%), and Not being able to do sports outside (21%).

66% of respondents agreed more people have allergies nowadays than ever before.