Derek Sheridan (Olympic Boxing Club, Mullingar) and Tomás Nally (Good2Talk) at Friday's boxing event.

All sides come out with 'Honour and Pride' from novice boxing event

One of the organisers of the 'Honour and Pride' novice boxing event at the Greville Arms on Friday night achieved "an honourable draw".

That was Tomás Nally, chairman of Good2Talk, who was on the fight bill for the charity night helping to raise money for his organisation and for Olympic Boxing Club, Mullingar. Tomás was fighting Colin 'The Traveller' McGowan in one of 18 bouts on the night.

Derek Sheridan, Olympic Boxing Club coach, came up with the idea for the event, along with Johnny Joyce and Tomás Nally.

Derek told the Westmeath Examiner on Friday at the halfway point of the night that they had done nine weeks of training in preparation.

"We’ve brought on maybe 50 boxers and we have 36 here tonight - a lot of guys got injured or backed out for various reasons," said Derek.

"All the funds are going to the Good2Talk charity, and Olympic Boxing Club - which won joint best club in Ireland a few weeks ago and we’re trying to raise funds to get the boxers off to New York to fight, next October or November," said Derek.

Tomás Nally, chairman of Good2Talk, said he was delighted to be involved in the event with Olympic Boxing Club.

"There’s massive support throughout the town for it. It goes to show how well both are valued in the town," he said.

"We jumped at the chance to do this with a great club like Olympic. They’re like ourselves - they’re on the ground, they’re making a difference in the community and it’s local people that they’re doing things for as well.

"Nothing in Good2Talk is done for ourselves - it’s all done for the good of the community, it’s all given back in to the community, so we’re delighted to be teamed up with a crew like Olympic.

"I want to thank all the sponsors, Olympic themselves, anybody that bought tickets, all the businesses in town that were so supportive, the people that have given their time - time is your most precious commodity, and we really value it.

"This is a huge shot in the arm for Good2Talk. We can’t believe the number of people that have come up and wished us luck and given so much - we want to thank everybody,” he said.