New match regulations aimed at curbing disciplinary issues

New match regulations aimed at curbing disciplinary issues

Westmeath GAA has introduced a raft of new match regulations in a bid to clamp down on clubs who allow discipline on and off the field to get out of control.

Speaking at last Wednesday week’s meeting of Westmeath GAA’s county board, Damien Maher, assistant secretary, said that regulations have been amended in response to recent incidents – “issues that don’t do us, as an association, any good at all”.

“From now on, we’ll be keeping a much closer eyes on games,” said Mr Maher. “The CCC are very conscious of it, and we will be working with match monitors at all games going forward.”

Billy Foley, Westmeath GAA chairman, described some of the incidents reported in challenge and league games at adult and underage level since February 1 as “truly frightening”.

“Every one of us in this room has a responsibility to cut out some of the stuff that has been going on. The levels of violence, and the levels of indiscipline; the lack of regard for fellow players, referees and mentors. I find it truly astonishing and very worrying,” he said.

“And if this continues, what mother will want her 12, 13 or 14-year-old son playing games?

“This is not going to sell our association, and I’d urge every club to have a serious look at themselves and take responsibility. This level of behaviour has to stop.”

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