'Step back from the brink' - Penrose's advice to all in beef dispute

Step back from the brink and hold talks is the advice to all sides in the beef crisis from the Labour spokesperson on Agriculture, Willie Penrose, TD.

Speaking as the threat of an all-out shutdown of the industry looms, Deputy Penrose said: “The only way to resolve this dispute is through face to face negotiations.

“All sides need to come to the table as a matter of urgency, with the conditions met to facilitate these talks.

“The reality is that everyone is going to suffer if this is not resolved.

“Workers in beef processing plants, with families that rely on them, will be laid off.

“Farmers themselves are going to have cattle ready to go to the factories, and in turn, factories need the product to fulfil market demand.

“The end result will be a lose-lose for all those involved.

“I am also urging Meat Industry Ireland not to leave the pitch and to get the talks up and running.

“It’s now time for all sides to reflect on what’s at stake here and step back from the brink.”

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