Glynn annoyed that there is still no sign over greenway entrance at Clonmore

More obvious signage, marking the entrance to the greenway at Newbrook is still badly needed, a local councillor has claimed, adding that he has made that same call several times since the amenity opened, but without success.

A colleague at the same meeting has also pressed for the provision of water refill stations along the greenway.

Cllr Ken Glynn made the call for better signage at the monthly meeting of the Mullingar Kinnegad Municipal District (MKMD), while at the same meeting, Cllr Hazel Smyth raised the issue of the water refill stations.

“Really, we need to do more,” said Cllr Glynn. “We need to try and be a little bit more imaginative in relation to the entry. Because while we all know where it is and that it is there, we should have something a little bit more inviting – an arched sort of entrance, or a more open and welcoming sign – because it really does not show to the outsider passing through that this is our greenway.”

Pointing out that the sign for Center Parcs is nearby, he said more needs to be done to advertise and promote the greenway.

“This is one of our treasures,” he said.

“We need to start shouting about it a bit more.”

Support for his call came from Cllr Denis Leonard, who described the greenway as one of the greatest amenities in Westmeath.

“We need to advertise that amenity,” he said, stressing that it needed both a proper entrance way and proper signposting:

“People coming to Mullingar must know that that is there,” he said.

Responding, director of services, Martin Murray, said that funding had been received recently for the provision of bicycle stands and relaxation areas alongside the greenway. As part of the development of the facility, he continued, the centre median on the road at the Clonmore bridge had been removed and the cycle path made wider.

“We do intend to get some sort of an enhanced entranceway,” he told Cllr Glynn.


The official written response to Cllr Smyth’s query on the water refill stations stated that funding had been received for “several” of these along the Royal Canal.

“Exact locations have yet to be determined,” the response to Cllr Smyth concluded.


Meanwhile, separately, Cllr Leonard asked that the MKMD examine the possibility of giving safe road access to both Kinnegad and Killucan from the existing Royal Canal network

The MKMD response stated that there is safe road access to both Killucan and Kinnegad from the Royal Canal, but Cllr Leonard said he envisaged a walkway route: “I know that is going to mean some sort of land purchase down the line, but I think we have to plan,” he said.

“Mullingar has great access to the canal. So has Kilbeggan, so has Moate. I think the other towns in the area need some sort of access to the canal. I would hope we could have some sort of long-term plan in place,” he said.

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