Mullingar ED ‘extremely busy’ today

The Midlands Regional Hospital Mullingar ED and hospital continues to be extremely busy with several patients waiting for admission to ED.

The Ireland East Hospital Group said in a statement: “We apologise for the distress and inconvenience caused to patients or their loved ones who are experiencing long wait times.

“We are working with all teams to identify patients ready for discharge and would appreciate any assistance you can give to reduce further attendance in ED while we do everything possible to ensure patients are admitted as soon as possible.

Consider your Care Options

For most patients, the ED is the gateway to hospital treatment and care.

As we always prioritise treatment and care for the sickest and most injured patients, people with less serious illnesses and conditions may need to wait longer for treatment.

This is why we are asking people to think about all their care and treatment options, so we can keep our ED services for the patients who need them most.

For example, many patients with limb injuries can go to an Injury Unit, while others with a less serious illness can be treated by their GP or referred by their GP to an Assessment Unit the following day.

However, if you are seriously injured or ill or are worried that your life is at risk the ED will assess and treat you.

There are some things we would urge people to do to help us take care of them in the ED.

• It is really important that you bring any medications you are taking, or your Know Check Ask My Medicines List, as well as a list of any allergies or current medical conditions you might have as this will help the doctors and nurses to understand your condition and the treatment you have had to date.

It may also save you waiting time as staff can see the medication you are taking and may not need to wait to hear back from your GP. You may also need to take your medication while you are in the hospital.

• Remember to bring your GPs name and address along with any referral letter they might have given you for your visit to ED.

• It is also important to wash and disinfect your hands when coming to the hospital to protect yourself and to protect others.

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