St Joseph’s Secondary School to host ‘Mystery Art Sale’ and show in Atrium Gallery


n exhibition of art, craft and design work created by aspiring young artists and designers from St Joseph’s Secondary School, Rochfortbridge opens next week at The Atrium Gallery in Mullingar.

Showcasing the talents of students from junior and senior cycles and a number of past pupils working in or studying in art, craft and design, it will be officially opened on Tuesday 18 February at 5.30pm and is open to the public on February 19-28.

Organised by art teachers Niamh Sweeney and Jen Gallagher, it is a rare chance to get to see work by young developing artists in a public arena. For many of these students it will be the first time they will have had their work exhibited outside of a school setting, and as both teachers noted, it’s a great confidence booster for the younger pupils in particular.

Additionally there will be a Mystery Art Sale with proceeds going to Airc Midlands and St Joseph’s Art Department.

“Niamh came up with the genius idea for the Mystery Art Sale,” said Jen, “each art student and many teachers have been asked to create a piece of art on a blank postcard. The pieces will be displayed on the night and sold as artist unknown.

“It will only be after the piece is purchased and turned over to reveal the artist’s signature that the buyer will find out who created it. All of the pieces can be bought for a fiver.”

“It’s a fun way to get the school involved in the exhibition and raise some money for a worthy cause,” said Niamh, “and you never know, you just might be purchasing a future Michelangelo or Kahlo, some of these pieces could be valuable in years to come!”

The main display work is also available to purchase, enquiries to Jen Gallagher or Niamh Sweeney in person on the opening night or through St Joseph’s Secondary School during the rest of the exhibition.

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