Public support means a lot says HSE

The chairman of the HSE's area crisis management team has paid tribute to the public for the support it has shown front line staff in recent week.

Chief Officer of Midlands Louth Meath Community Healthcare, Pat Bennet, who also chairs the HSE’s area crisis management team, said that the support form the public has been a great help to staff.

“We thank the people of Midlands Louth Meath for their support at this time. That support takes many different forms, and it means so much to our hard-working staff. In particular, we want to thank everyone who has helped a healthcare work with childcare, as every extra hour that you can facilitate a staff member to work is a huge help.

“We have seen a huge redeployment of staff across our services, and our staff have risen to this challenge as they move to screening centres; from desk jobs back to ward duties; and increase their working hours where they can. Their efforts will help us to provide care for the people of Midlands, Louth and Meath.”

With visiting restrictions in place at all hospitals and residential centres, Mr Bennett said staff are doing everything possible to support patients and residents and to help them keep in contact with relatives and friends.

“We know that visiting restrictions are very difficult, and that some people have not been able to see their loved ones for many weeks now. Our staff are doing everything possible to make sure all patients and residents are kept safe and well,” Mr Bennett said.

Some key developments in Midlands Louth Meath

·       There is a number of Community Testing sites opened and receiving referrals. The volume of referrals allocated to the community area will determine if additional testing capacity is required. Testing centres operating this week include MW Hire O’Moore Park/ LOETB Centre of Excellence, St Loman’s Hospital, Mullingar, Dundalk Institute of Technology and Navan Rugby Club.

·       Community Assessment Hubs are expected to open by the end of this week. Forty locations have been identified across the country and 12-15 will be established by the end of this week. Locations for this service have been identified in the Midlands and at least one hub will open this week. Opening may rotate based on volumes. Referral is by GP.

·       A recruitment campaign has been launched for all healthcare staff, including student nurses and midwives, across our Community Services You can view the ad on HSE LinkedIn or on the following @DMHospitalgroup.

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