Mullingar musician records song while under lockdown in Spain

(Above) Darragh Glennon during a gig in Canton Casey's.

Nobody can accuse Mullingar singer songwriter Darragh Glennon, aka Default Man, of being unproductive during lockdown in his new base in Gallicia, Spain.

Darragh not only recorded his latest single, Tiny Whispers, in his home studio. He also produced the video for the single using stop motion animation.

After moving to northern Spain last year, Darragh was enjoying life gigging and teaching music before the country went under lockdown over two months ago to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

A proud Westmeath man, he says that Tiny Whispers is about "being too afraid to leave my home comforts while at the same time wanting a change".

"For example, in 2011, I relocated to London but before long, I was making excuses to return to my hometown because in comparison, it was less of a challenge. In 2013, the same thing happened with a move to Melbourne. Maybe I just love Mullingar too much but those experiences taught me that I didn't have to shed my hometown identity in order to fit in elsewhere. Perhaps I'm alone in the way I think about this kind of thing but it's what I felt at the time of writing."

Darragh has been writing and recording music for around 15 years. He released, I'm on the way, his first single under the name Default Man in 2010. Since then he has toured Ireland, Europe and elsewhere basing himself for a time in the cities of Melbourne and London. Over the years, he has worked with numerous bands and solo musicians, supporting the likes of Duke Special, Fionn Regan, Brendan Benson, Gemma Hayes, Bananarama and even Jackass party boy Chris Pontius.

Watch the video of Tiny Whispers below.

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