Love in the Time of Lockdown…

Above: Eoin Dubhghaill

Le Ceangal, a Zoomcom! is an 8 x 5-minute new Covid-set web drama on TG4’s young people’s platform Bloc. The first 2 episodes will be available from 1pm on June 26 and weekly thereafter.

Having met on Tinder, Galway-based Declan (24) and Dubliner Aoife (25) have gone on five tentative dates. Just as they are about to broach the tricky ‘should we both come off Tinder now?’ question, they are locked up in lockdown. In two different cities. With two different Wifi speeds. And their blossomming relationship is now on life-support…

Eva-Jane Gaffney
Eva-Jane Gaffney

With Aoife’s Da suffering from MS, she has promised not to mix outside her family so a physical encounter is off the agenda. They try everything to keep their relationship from floundering, but Whatsapp memes, Zoom quizes, even phone sex can’t substitute for real human contact, or can they?

From the producers of the IFTA winning Corp + Anam and EIPIC, Le Ceangal was shot this June in Galway under social distancing restrictions. Producer Paddy Hayes said of the series: “Throughout the Covid health emergency, I always wondered would it be easy for a young couple to maintain a relationship while being forcibly separated from their partners. And now I know it has its… challenges ”.

This brand new comedy series is devised and directed by Oisín Mistéil and stars Eva-Jane Gaffney as Aoife (Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope) and Eoin Ó Dubhghaill as Declan (Arracht).

You’ve heard of Sleepless in Seattle, well here you have Gormless in Galway, and Hapless in Howth…

Watch the series from Friday 26th of June at 1pm here

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