Local singer and music teacher releasing new single at midnight tonight

Katie Gallagher - a local singer and music teacher who performs under the name 'KTG' - released the third single from her upcoming album at midnight on Thursday July 2.

Katie described the new single, 'Matches', as "an upbeat, happy song to help people forget about their stresses for four minutes and just chill."

The Athlone Community College teacher also runs her own 'Gallagher School of Music and Drama' in her native Ballymahon.

Last year she released an album called 'Searching for Magpies' but she says that her musical style has been evolving since then.

"I'm signed with Beardfire Music in Dublin and the first album, which we released last year, was very much in a folk style. As we were recording for this album, we were starting to coming more into the folk-pop idea.

"So I'm really excited to see what people think about it, because it is quite new for me."

The release of her album, 'The Long Road Home' has been delayed but it's now expected to come out towards the end of this year or early next year.

The single, 'Matches' will be available from midnight across a full range of music platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music.

"It's on TikTok as well, for any of your younger readers!" Katie laughed. "I've realised now that if it's not a TikTok song it's just not going to go anywhere, unfortunately!"

She shared a brief preview of the new song here:

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