Johansson speaks about declaring for Sweden

(Above) Footballer Ryan Johansson when he played for Bayern Munich.

Footballer Ryan Johansson has spoken about his decision to declare for Sweden.

The Luxembourg born Sevilla FC midfielder (19), whose mother is from Mullingar, played for the Ireland U19 team in 2018 and there were high hopes that he would go on to play for the senior national side. He has also played underage football for Luxembourg and Sweden.

Although it was reported that he was eager to play for Ireland, complications arose around his eligibility because of his earlier appearances for the two other national sides.

The FAI were believed to have been checking his eligibility, however earlier this year it emerged that he had chosen to play for Sweden and had applied for a passport.

In a report in the Luxemburger Wort newspaper today, Johansson, who moved to Sevilla from Bayern Munich in January, said that he was looking forward to representing the Scandinavian country.

"I received my Swedish passport. It feels good. And I decided to play for the Swedish national team. I think that's the right decision.

"My dream is to play in a big tournament, preferably at a World Cup. I also like the style of the Swedish national team," he said.

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