Kilbeggan singer turns jazzy on new single

Kilbeggan based music star Larissa Tormey has embraced a new jazzy style on the release of her brand new single 'Black Cat'.

The original release from the midlands based singer/songwriter sees Larissa once again demonstrating her ability to entertain in many different genres.

Although probably best known for her country music catalogue, having recorded several albums in that style, the prolific Russian-born star has also shown she knows her way around pop and gospel music as well.

Black Cat is part of a larger music project that Larissa has been working on during the lockdown period, and it's something she hopes to be able to share with fans later in the year.

"I've always been a naturally creative person, and lockdown did not change that in me, or make that urge to create burn any less intensely. Indeed, if anything, I would say the urge to write became even stronger for me," said Larissa.

"During this time of Covid-19, I think many people have realised and begun to appreciate in a whole new way everything that music adds to their lives. So you can imagine how for songwriters and musicians, that's even more so. 'Black Cat' is done in a style that allows me to have a little bit of fun with the song, it's very jazzy, which isn't something I had tried before. But I have to say that the reaction so far has been brilliant, and people seem to be enjoying listening to 'Black Cat' just as much as I did recording it."

Not only does Black Cat take Larissa in a new direction sonically, but also visually, as she decided to explore a different route with the video that accompanies the single.

"Well with things the way they were, and are, it means that doing something like a video the way we normally would was something that we had to take a long look at and see what we really wanted to do, and could do, on this occasion," said Larissa.

Because the song is so fun, and so different for me, we really thought there was a lot of scope to make a video that reflected that. So in the end, what we came up with was a kind of graphic type video, that's produced with an effect that's almost like a cartoon. It really compliments the song itself, and like the song, fans have been responding really well to it!" she added.

Black Cat, the brand new single from Larissa, is out now on all digital platforms. You can follow Larissa on her official website - - and on various social media platforms.