Online critics ‘should not get personal’

Online critics ‘should not get personal’

Some people “lose the run of themselves” when they are making comments on social media, a local TD has said.

Minister of State Peter Burke says that when people are commenting on social media they sometimes “cross a line” and say things that they would not say in real life.

“We have to be careful not lose our dignity and respect when we are on social media. I think that is the key thing. Everyone, be it politicians or any sector of society, they all have families, they all have partners, wives, children, who are looking at what people are putting up. A lot of people lose the run of themselves on social media,” he said.

The recently appointed Minister of State for Planning and Local Government admitted that in the past he had been affected by comments made about him on social media. He says that politicians from all parties are legitimately criticised on social media, but that the criticism should not become personal.

“I think if you are being honest, naturally some things can hurt. I am all for robust political debate and criticism. I am well up for that. When you are in politics you know what to expect. I have come from the businesses sector and have had difficult days and argument. It’s important that people can criticise me when they see that I am not up to scratch or where they think I can do better. I am absolutely on for that on social media. I have no problem with that but it should never cross a line to where it gets personal.

“We have to respect everyone in society and not let our dignity and respect for others drop.” Minister Burke concluded.

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