The Academic driving (Kia) cars

The Academic, to the uninitiated, are a group of local lads who are making a name for themselves in the world of music.

Craig Fitzgerald, Matt Murtagh, Stephen Murtagh and Dean Gavin founded the band almost seven years ago, and on their Facebook page they list road trips among their interests.

So, their role as ambassadors for Sleator Kia is entirely appropriate, though it would be a shame to induge one of their other listed interests – toasted sandwiches – in a nice new Kia.

Matt and Dean are the only drivers of the group (Steven and Craig are on learning permits) and they have the use of two cars.

Matt says on the Sleator Kia FB page, where he appears with the photo above: “I got “soul” but I’m not a soldier – Shoutout to Sleator Kia for all the continued support!”

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