Stateside: "Unsurvivable" category 4 storm prompts widespread evacuation

Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated in the US as category 4 storm, Hurricane Laura, makes landfall.

The National Huricane Centre (NHC) warned warned 'Laura' would bring "extremely dangerous" winds of 240km/h and flash flooding.

The NHC said it would bring “unsurvivable” ocean surges along the coast of Louisiana and Texas.

The hurricane is so strong it’s believed it could generate tornados at its southern edge.

Under mandatory evacuation orders are Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas,

Texas governor Greg Abbott said “Your property can be replaced, your life cannot.”

Vice president Mike Pence urged residents to heed the advice of local authorities.

Flooding in Haiti and the Dominican Republican, as a result of Laura, has already claimed the lives of at least 25 people.

It's forecast that the storm will move across the Atlantic early next week, bringing a warming trend to our weather here.

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