Rich, earthy and cosy shades are warming our souls this season

Burrowing – Colourtrend’s Colour of the Month

As the winter months creep in and the temperature drops, we prepare for the season of cosying up at home while avoiding the cold, harsh elements of the great outdoors.

While a change in season sees a move to a cosier wardrobe, there too are a host of interiors updates ripe for the new season.

This month, the experts at Colourtrend are prescribing rich, warm, earthy and comforting tones to stave off the winter blues.

Burrowing, a new shade introduced to the brands Contemporary Collection, is the perfect tonic this winter.

Grounded in a muted brown with a deep organic green base, Burrowing embodies everything that creates a core autumnal colour.

This naturally occurring tone reminiscent of peat soil, leans towards the greyer end of the organic hues.

Nature’s presence in the home is a repeating trend as we often look to Mother Nature and the landscape that surrounds us for inspiration.

They have a significant effect on our trend tones and signal the change of season, encouraging us to refresh.

Burrowing is designed to bring the feeling of wellness into your interior home scheme.

Reconnecting with nature and creating schemes built of natural tones make it difficult to ‘get it wrong’, the perfect muse for even the most inexperienced decorator.

Look to tones you are naturally drawn to and you will love the space you create.

With Burrowing on your walls your room will be filled with all the warmth and charm of this Contemporary Farmhouse hue.

Add a splash of drama to a more delicate colour scheme with Burrowing as an accent. It pairs perfectly with off-whites such as Colourtrend’s Batch Loaf or Kittiwake, two new shades introduced to the Contemporary Collection.

Last month, Ireland’s most iconic paint brand unveiled a stunning new palette featuring 28 new shades, as part of their 2020 Contemporary Collection.

Updated every three to four years to evolve with trends in colour and modern life, the new shades are a mix of luxurious neutrals and vibrant colours, split across four inherently Irish themes.

Taking inspiration from elements of modern Ireland, the four themes are The Irish Landscape, Architectural Ireland, Cultural Ireland and Nostalgic Ireland.

Whether it’s to inspire, calm or excite, each colour has a purpose and a story, capturing one or more of these themes, all while celebrating the unappreciated role of colour in our everyday life.

Colourtrend respects the fact that the earth knows a thing or two about aesthetic and appreciates that Ireland’s stunning landscape knows all there is to know about colour. So next time you are looking to be inspired – look outside.

Colourtrend is now available for click and collect or free contactless delivery.

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