Bronwyn Egan from Kilbeggan.

Academy of Music celebrating two young diploma graduates

Bronwyn Egan of Kilbeggan and Chloe Gill of Tullamore, both students of piano at The Academy of Music have taken advantage of these strange times and worked hard towards their London Diploma examinations.

Last month The London Victoria College of Music examined Chloe and Bronwyn via a series of online performance exams and follow-up interviews.

Bronwyn Egan, DIP VCM (Perf) Hons (aged 18), was awarded an Honours Diploma in Piano Performance; and Chloe Gill, AVCM (TD) Hons (aged 17), was awarded an Honours Associate Diploma in Piano Teaching.

Chloe Gill from Tullamore.

The Academy of Music Tullamore is a centre for many examining bodies, mainly The Royal Irish Academy of Music, and staff and students there are proud of Bronwyn and Chloe for their achievements, and in particular on their accomplishing diploma qualifications and post-nominal initials as school students, before pursuing their college careers.