Simple tips to help seniors keep themselves warm this winter

By Jonathon Acton -

As we enter the Winter Months and with our weather changing this week, we look at some ways to keep well and cosy in your home through the winter months.

Dressing for Winter

It is recommended that several layers of light clothes are better than one thick layer. Now is a good time to pull out your thermal underwear; choose clothes made of wool, cotton, or fleecy synthetic fibres that are designed to be light and warm.

In very cold weather sleep with warm bedding, warm sleepwear, wear bed socks and pop a hot water bottle into bed.

Top Tip: Keep a flask with a hot drink by your bed encase you wake during the night

Food is Fuel – It helps keep you warm

It is crucial that seniors eat regular hot meals, as the body keeps warm by burning the food we eat.

A warming bowl of porridge is a great way to start the day as it is an excellent source of nutrients, its quick and easy to prepare and it fuels the body for hours. If you can follow it up with a nice hot stew at lunch time all the better.

Try to sip on plenty of hot drinks throughout the day like teas, soup or Bovril and Complan, Cocoa, Horlicks and Ovaltine are lovely, sweet options for before bedtime.

Keeping your Home Warm and Cosy

If you spend most of your day in your living room then it is recommended that it should be set to 21 degrees if you are active, 24 degrees if inactive. Ensure your house is fitted with draught-proof windows, external doors and letterbox flaps to retain heat.

Close internal doors and do not leave windows open for long periods.

Have heavy, well-fitted curtains and draw them in the evening as temperatures drop.

Make sure your bedroom is warm before going to bed and before getting up in the morning.

Now is the time to use your fuel allowances and Household Benefits Package.

This winter, if you are concerned about the welfare of a senior family relative or neighbour, visit or call us at 044-9385260. Home Instead Senior Care can provide advice on the best solutions to looking after our seniors.

Home Instead offer an array of Senior Care Services such as meal preparation, light house-keeping and companionship, up to and including personal care, dementia care, post hospital care and disability care.