An open letter to our elected Westmeath councillors

Dear all,

Our doors are closed, our faces are covered.

We are speechless, voiceless and motionless.

Together collectively for now you are our voices, our opinions and our hope of a greener future in a respectful sensible manner.

In previous days we had meetings, had marches and protested, so it’s clearly understood what the desire for our future landscape should look like.

It does not include industrial scale wind turbines in any shape or size.

The place for this type of development is off shore.

This has even been acknowledged by our current environment minister, Mr Eamonn Ryan, which, when I heard him say this, I thought, finally somebody is seeing the future in harmony with the landscape.

But not just yet, so this is a letter to express all our wishes to stop these developments as currently we can not.

If any of these developments are allowed in and as seen in many other areas of our country, it will only be phase 1.

Many other areas, like Mount Lucas, are on phase 3, so it is inevitable more will follow surrounding our homes and communities.


Tom Mockler,