GALLERY: Abbeylands community lights up for 2020 Halloween night

There was a fantastic display of community spirit on Halloween night in Abbeylands when families carved pumpkins and even butternut squashes to celebrate the night, while donning their scariest garb.

In the absence of the usual trick or treating which would have taken place if the pandemic had not hit, Abbeylands community choose to shine their light by getting into the spirit of Halloween in a socially distanced way.

With not a pumpkin to be got due to many people snapping them up for a Halloween at home, some of the residents came up the novel idea of carving butternut squashes, marrows and turnips to create incredible impressive jack-o’-lanterns.

It was really a case of going back to our root (vegetables) as carving turnips and potatoes is an original tradition of our Irish ancestors (jack-o’-lanterns) before pumpkins came in from America, which were much easier to carve.