Conor Moore to be regular star on new Ivan Yates show

Impressionist Conor Moore will be a regular guest on the new show presented by Ivan Yates on Virgin Media One.

‘The Green Room’ starts tomorrow, Wednesday at 10pm, with a Christmas special.

The series will highlight news, issues and fun from the world of sport, and each week, Ivan will be joined by Paddy Power, impressionist and TV broadcaster Conor Moore, Virgin Media Sport broadcaster Niamh Kinsella and special guests, with comedy and competitions.

On tomorrow night’s show, Ivan will be talking to Irish football legend Robbie Keane.

Yates said: “I am delighted to be working with the team in Virgin Media again. What can viewers expect? It will be an entirely new creation, a live really fast paced show that will be completely different to the normal sports journalism.

“This will be fun, humorous and entertaining. So I think you are going to see irreverence replace deference and you’re going to also see in terms of my relationship with my co-presenters lots of slagging, lots of banter, lots of craic.

“I won’t be taking myself too seriously so you hardly expect me to take the Paddy Power or Niamh Kinsella too seriously.

“It is a 13-week series and I hope it will take people on the road to Cheltenham, and hopefully to the end of lockdown, and will be something to cheer them up on Friday nights.

“I’m greatly looking forward to availing of all of the ingenuity and the creativity of the global reputation and mischief making and cheeky chappy material from Paddy Power. So, gonna have a bit of craic, not taking it too seriously.”

Harnessing their huge social media following, bookmaker Paddy Power will create a segment for the show each week, showcasing their distinctive tone. Paddy Power spokesman, Paddy Power, said; “I can’t wait to launch The Green Room with Ivan Yates – hopefully it’ll finally put to bed people asking if I’m really called Paddy Power.

“We’ve long enjoyed doing things differently, and we can’t way to create a TV show that isn’t just a copy and paste version of all the other chat shows out there.”

Tune in to Virgin Media One tomorrow, Wednesday December 23, at 10pm. The new weekly show will commence in January 2021 on Fridays at 9pm.

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