Upper photo shows damage to grass area in the car park at Tudenham; lower photo shows where tyre marks where drivers have been doing donoughs.

Tudenham ‘doughnut’ drivers in spotlight

Residents in the Tudenham area are being “driven mad” by motorists doing doughnuts in the car park there on a nightly basis, Cllr Ken Glynn told colleagues and officials at the February meeting of the Municipal District of Mullingar Kinnegad.

Cllr Glynn suggested that the council look at finding a solution such as installing a “centrepiece” in the car park that would prevent cars from doing doughnuts.

The Fianna Fáil man pointed out that Tudenham was one of Mullingar’s tourist areas: “We should be doing more to protect it,” he stated.

The written response provided to Cllr Glynn’s question stated that the area can be examined and considered as part of the 2021 Estimates,

The council also plans to inform gardaí of the issue.

“We are doing extensive works out there at the moment in respect of enhancing the amenities and I know the district engineer is currently looking at the geometric layout of the car park in respect of the issue you have raised,” director of services, Martin Murray said.