A still image of Donna Marie's video featuring 'Mr Robin'. Credit: Today FM

WATCH: Westmeath woman befriends robin in remarkable video

A woman from Westmeath has captured her friendship with a local robin in a remarkable video.

The video shows Donna Marie rolling down the window of her car to feed a robin which she has named ‘Mr Robin.’

Speaking on the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show on Today FM on Wednesday morning, Donna Marie says that “Mr Robin just likes a chat every day.”

“He comes down and sits in the car before I go to work. On my way back from work he comes back and tells me about his day and off he goes again.”

When asked if she is sure that it is the same robin every day, she says “absolutely – they are very territorial.”

Donna Marie also explained that there is always another robin nearby who she has called ‘Mr Robin’s girlfriend’ who is very shy.

Watch the video below.