Doran tackles mental illness in new single 'Voices'

Following his first two releases Nothing New Under The Sun, and Blue Mountains featuring artist Haley Heynderickx, Peter Doran will release his third and final single Voices.

Voices is set for release this Friday April 23 ahead of Peter’s long-awaited album release of the same name on May 7.

“Voices is a song about someone going through a manic period. Feeling the rapture, the ecstasy, feeling bathed in a golden light, hearing the voice of God in his/her ear. It is also about the other side of the manic-depressive coin," explains the independent singer songwriter.

“The song is sung from the perspective of someone looking on at a friend suffering from manic depression, wanting so badly to offer comfort but not knowing how to reach them.”

Voices, the fifth studio album from the Mullingar native, was awarded a MISP grant to help fund its release.

Recorded and co-produced by Hally at Arthouse Studios in Naas throughout 2019/20, Voices features extensive contributions from multi-instrumentalist Lenny Cahill (Piano / Drums / Bass / Organ) and special guest vocals from US Songwriter Haley Heynderickx and Emmett Tinley (The Prayer Boat).

String duties were shared by Dublin-based composer/arranger Mary Barnecutt and Peter's long-term collaborator Gerard Toal.

Every Little Thing from his 2012 album Overhead the Stars has been played over 1,300,000 times on Spotify and is the theme tune for the American podcast series The Minimalists.

In recent years Peter has headlined shows in Holland, Germany, England, Ireland, Belgium and New York and opened shows for Mick Flannery, The Lone Bellow, Declan O'Rourke, Fionn Regan and Duke Special.