A Tech Week talk at St Joseph's Secondary School, Rochfortbridge.

Virtual Tech Week talks in Westmeath

Midlands Science is celebrating Ireland’s Tech Week this week by hosting a number of virtual talks for secondary schools with the support of a range of voluntary corporate speakers.

Tech Week is a nationwide festival of technology-driven events aimed at students, parents and the public. It offers experiential engagement to students to develop their interest in technology, advance creativity and innovation while also let them have a lot of fun!

Over the last year, more than ever before, people of all ages have seen just how important and inevitable technology is. We have witnessed how the development of new technologies help to save lives, improves how we work and makes the world a better to be.

The recent positive effects of technology on society has helped us to reach new heights that have never before been imagined.

Mark Welsh, Energy Services manager of Energia, who delivered a virtual talk for the students of Mercy school in Rochfortbridge said: “Energia is delighted to team up with Midlands Science for Tech Week 2021, in promoting the world of technology.

“As a company, Energia believes it is critically important to creative positive learning experiences for young people and to encourage as many of them as possible to become curious, ask questions and become passionate about science and technology.

“Unfortunately, many skills gaps still exist in these fields and in order to ensure we are prepared for the future with a pipeline of the right talent, it is really important to promote and develop science and technology education as early as possible in a student’s education.”

Technology is not going to slow down and that’s why it is so important for us to do our best to keep up with it.

This annual event usually brings together tech experts and enthusiasts to network, provide demonstrations, deliver workshops and take part in discussions.

As is the case for many other public events, this year will be different, but it is still important to delve into the ever-evolving world of tech and to demonstrate just how diverse it can be.

Other digital STEM careers talks were held in Athlone and Kilbeggan and another was virtually hosted at Coláiste Mhuire in Mullingar. That was a talk was delivered by Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR).

Isabel Meza Silva from IMR said: “We are aware of challenges that exist when it comes to trying to attract the next generation into science and technology careers, especially women.

“Tech Week is a valuable voice in working to instil a passion in young people for the STEM subjects in order to hopefully encourage more of them to consider these fields when applying to third-level courses.

“IMR is delighted to be a part of Tech Week in partnership with Midlands Science and we look forward to talking to as many students as possible in the years ahead to show the work we do and spread the message that there are so many potential opportunities in the worlds of science, technology and engineering.”