Pictured at the launch of the Uccello Kettle, a daily living aid which helps people with reduced strength or mobility to pour hot water safely or lift heavy objects were Darragh Lynch, Director of Uccello Designs and Maura Maycock from Mullingar, who suffers from orthopaedic problems including Osteoporosis and has been using the Uccello Kettle.

Mullingar woman tells how Uccello Kettle gave her independence

A Mullingar woman says she has “reclaimed her independence” thanks to a new kettle, designed by Uccello Designs as an assistive technology to help people with limited mobility.

Maura Maycock has orthopaedic problems in her hands, which has led to her having restricted mobility and limited strength.

She was finding it difficult to pour hot water safely or lift heavy objects – until she began using the Uccello Kettle.

The Uccello Kettle was designed to help people with medical conditions or disabilities that make it difficult to pour hot water safely or lift heavy objects.

The product features a non-weight-bearing ‘tilt-to-pour’ mechanism, enabling users to pour water without having to pick the kettle up.

The Uccello Kettle was developed in Australia by three co-founders, including Irishman Darragh Lynch. It was launched in the Irish market this week, following Lynch’s recent return to Ireland.

Darragh said: “The Uccello Kettle is a gamechanger for people – like Maura – who have limited strength, reduced mobility, or who find it difficult to lift heavy objects.

“Being able to safely make a cup of tea or coffee for yourself is a hallmark of independent living. But many people struggle with the weight of a kettle full of water, due to conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, or just limited strength as we age.”

The idea for the Uccello Kettle came from a family-member of one of Lynch’s Australian co-founders who had been diagnosed with arthritis. The product launched in Australia in 2016 and, since then, has expanded its distribution to stores in 13 countries. Currently, the Uccello Kettle is available to purchase directly at UccelloDesigns.ie at a cost of €65, including delivery. The product is also stocked by a number of retailers in Ireland, including Homecare Medical and Expert Electrical.

Speaking about her experience of using the Uccello Kettle, Maura Maycock said: “I have a lot of orthopaedic problems, and recently had a fall breaking my right wrist and damaging my right shoulder.

“I had to have surgery on both. As a result, my arm is still very weak. The Uccello Kettle has made such a difference to me. It has given me confidence and independence to make a cup of tea or coffee. I am delighted with it.”

Giving back

In addition to improving independent living for those who need that assistance, Uccello Designs is partnering with researchers at NUI Maynooth to identify common daily problems that people are encountering, that make it harder for them to stay independent in their homes as they age. As a result, a suite of new daily living aids is being developed, to address these common problems, with the first of these expected to launch early in 2022. Uccello has also established partnerships with Arthritis Ireland and the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association.

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