Appeal for return of lost hearing aid

A lady from Streete rang the Westmeath Examiner office last week with an appeal for readers to help her find her hearing aid.

She lost it on August 26 last, she thinks at the Emo garage in Enfield, when her daughter was driving her home.

They had stopped there for a break, and because the hearing aid was whistling, she removed it.

The hearing aid is in a box with the lady’s name and address on it, and she has been hoping that someone might find it and return it to her.

She asked us not to put her name and address in the paper, but said she will offer a small reward to the person who returns the hearing aid to her.

She pointed out that it is custom-made and of no use to anyone else, and that her life will remain more challenging than usual till she has it back again.

If you found it, you could send it to her; or you can contact Brian O’Loughlin at the Examiner on 04493 46747, and he will arrange to have it returned to her.