Warning after cars are vandalised outside TEG Cusack Park

The chairman of Westmeath GAA’s county committee has warned players and supporters parking their cars in a specific area outside TEG Cusack Park, Mullingar that they may be putting their vehicles at risk.

Speaking at the county board’s online meeting last night, Frank Mescall said that last weekend, and on other occasions over the last month, a number of cars parked in a secluded area on the “apartment side” of the county ground had been vandalised.

“Players, in particular, are parking in that area near the gate where they go in, and there was a back window smashed, as well as two or three cars scratched,” Mr Mescall explained.

The chairman said he wanted the message to go out to clubs that this was a “quiet area”, and cars parking there were obscured from view, making it easier for vandals and thieves to get up to mischief.

“Parking is free on that side – that’s the only thing – but maybe it might cost less in the long run to park your car where it is more visible,” Mr Mescall added.