April Corroon playing the tin whistle for her sheep on the farm at Kinnegad.

Dedicated young shepherd looks after lambs with musical treats

A nine-year-old shepherd from Kinnegad has been working hard looking after her flock of 12 sheep.

April Corroon was living in Kinnegad, and moved with her parents, Amanda and David, to her mother’s uncle’s farm, where she took an interest in and started to learn about the livestock, which include cattle, a horse, a donkey, hens and ducks.

April developed a love for the work, and in May of this year, she bought a triplet lamb from sheep farmer, Pat Cullen, for €50 – which she called Popie.

After that, April decided to buy 11 more and, with the help of her father, fed them on bottles of milk. They now eat nuts and grass.

Following mandatory guidelines, April registered for a sheep flock herd number, and she is now a registered active sheep farmer.

The Gainstown National School pupil has shown much dedication to her flock of 12, which all have their own names. Before she heads to school, April tends to the flock every day at 7am, and does the same in the evenings.

While at school, April frequently writes reports on the progress of the sheep for her teacher.

The sheep have grown fond of the nine-year-old, as they run out to greet her when she heads out to the field. As well as herding the flock, April has been treating the sheep to a musical experience as she plays the tin whistle for them.

One recent morning, April noticed that one of her lambs, called Marshmallow, was missing.

Fortunately, her granduncle, Jim, found the lamb under a bush; it seems it touched an electric fence and frightened itself, but had not wandered far.

April recently celebrated her First Holy Communion with her family on September 12 last, and enjoyed a party after.