Mullingar Kyokushinkai Karate Club back in action

Mullingar Kyokushinkai Karate Club will resume classes as per pre-Covid as and from Saturday October 9 and Tuesday October 12.

The local karate club has been based at the Mullingar Parish Centre since 2001 and continues to practice traditional karate. The club is part of the Irish Karate Kyokushinkai and the International Federation of Karate. Karate builds character, self-control and self-discipline. Participants meet new friends, become fitter and stronger and gain self-confidence.

A grading structure is in place where all can set goals and options to compete are encouraged. Classes are for ages six up to and including adults, male and female. The club has put forward many people for Black Belt National Grading within its timespan and six have been successful to date including one recent (pre-Covid) female.

The club also runs an annual summer camp which is highly popular and competes nationally and overseas. Some of the students have gone on to represent Ireland at world tournament level.

New beginners are always welcome. Details: 086 167 6358 or